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 +====== How to make a ArduinoUSBLinker ======
 +The ArduinoUSBLinker is a project of LittleMo, for more information see the readme on [[https://​github.com/​c---/​ArduinoUSBLinker#​readme|github]].
 +To create a ArduinoUSBLinker you need an Arduino with on-board FTDI preferred. Before you can do anything plug it to your PC or Mac and check if it is recognized by the operating system. If not you may get a message to install a driver for the [[http://​www.ftdichip.com/​Drivers/​VCP.htm|FTDI]] chip. When the driver is installed, go to the device manager and note down what port or device is associated to the Arduino when it is plugged to your computer.
 +===== Step by step =====
 +You need a internet connection to load the firmware during the flashing.
 +  * Make sure the Arduino is not plugged to the computer.
 +  * Start the kkflashtool,​ on Windows you have to select if you have a 32 or 64 bit OS.
 +  * go to the "​Tools-->​Upload ArduinoUSBLinker"​ menu.
 +  * Select the Arduino you like to use.
 +  * A dialog opens and asks you to plug your Arduino into your computer.
 +  * Wait 2-3 seconds until the Arduino is recognized by your computer.
 +  * Press okay.
 +  * A second dialog will tell you that a new device is discovered on port x.
 +  * Press okay.
 +  * The firmware will be downloaded from the internet and flashed to the Arduino.
 +  * When the magic message "​Flashing of firmware was successfull."​ you are done.
 +Don't forget to choose the ArduinoUSBLinker and enable the default baud rate again, before you update your bootloader enabled SimonK ESC.
 +===== Video =====
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