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 +====== Flashing ATmega8 based BL-ESC ======
 +Please read general [[en:​modellbau:​kkmulticopterflashtool:​manual|manual]] and [[en:​modellbau:​kkmulticopterflashtool:​faq|FAQ]] first.
 +{{youtube>​nFTQfoji1s8 ​ }} 
 +<callout type="​danger"​ icon="​true">​It is very important to flash the correct firmware to your ESC. If you select the wrong hex file you will destroy your ESC and or your brushless motor. Always remove propellers in case the motor is connected to the ESC during flashing. Always use a current limited power supply. If you don't have one you can use a 9V Block battery, but NEVER USE A LIPO. The deliver to much current in case of an error occurs.</​callout>​
 +===== Flashing firmware with ISP programmer and enable bootloader =====
 +You can enable the bootloader and flash latest firmware in one run. Therefore you need a ISP programmer, ArduinoUSBLinker,​ [[hk>​39437|Afro USB Programming Tool]] or [[hk>​10628|Turnigy USB Linker]] can not enable the bootloader (can not change fuses). Select your programmer and "​atmega 8-based brushless ESC + enable Boot
 +loader"​ and proceed as always. (!!!select correct firmware)
 +Wait till verification is successfully done and "​avrdude done.  Thank you." ​
 +===== Flashing firmware with ArduinoUSBLinker or Turnigy USB Linker =====
 +{{ :​modellbau:​kkmulticopterflashtool:​manual:​flashwithusblinker.png?​nolink ​ }}
 +You can now select the [[:​en:​modellbau:​kkmulticopterflashtool:​arduinousblinker|ArduinoUSBLinker]] or the [[hk>​10628|Turnigy USB Linker]] to update the firmware of ESCs that run simonk firmware 01062012 or newer with enabled bootloader. ​ Nice thing is that you don't have to set the baud rate, compared to STK500V2 programmer that also can be used. But then you have to disable the checkbox and enter 9600 to the baudrate field. See the screenshot for settings (don't forget to adapt  the selected firmware).
 +First connect ESC to the Linker, then plug the Linker to your PC and power 
 +the ESC by its power plug. If you run in problems flashing the ESC, e.g. open_ser() not possible or Linker disappears in device manager or gets unknown, try again with the red cable from the servo plug removed.
 +===== Web links =====
 +  * [[http://​www.silabs.com/​products/​mcu/​pages/​usbtouartbridgevcpdrivers.aspx|Download Windows, Linux and Mac driver for Turnigy USB Linker]]
 +  * [[http://​forums.openpilot.org/​topic/​11561-esc-firmware-flashing-and-pancake-motor-compatibility-wii-esc-rapidesc/​]]
 +  * [[http://​www.rchacker.com/​diy/​simonk-esc-firmware-flashing|Nice tutorial about ESC flashing on English]]
 +  * [[http://​www.rc-heli-fan.org/​quadrocopter-co-f255/​howto-esc-regler-flashen-t92521.html|German instruction on rc-heli-fan.org]]
 +  * [[http://​fpv-community.de/​showthread.php?​13455-Hobbyking-ESC-F-20A-F-30A-flashen-Erfahrungsbericht|German instructions on FPV-community]]
 +  * [[https://​github.com/​c---/​ArduinoUSBLinker#​readme|ArduinoUSBLinker]]
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