Collection of thinks I want to implement for future Versions of the falsh tool.

  • [ ] comment to give hints on the firmware usage to the xml, but how?
  • [ ] submit a firmware, generate a xml to minimize repository maintenance
  • [x] category combobox
  • [ ] detect available com-ports maybe only for Windows
  • [ ] new Video with Blackboard.
  • [ ] save the eeprom to backup the settings.
  • [x] send log by mail menu item.
  • [x] Help menu that links to tutorials and other helpful pages in the internet. XML based to be easy updated online?
  • [x] include logging functionality with daily log files.
  • [x] offline mode for the firmware.xml in combination with the already downloaded files.
  • [x] include the mirror for the firmwares.xml download. But I have to use it.
  • [x] clean and centeralise the position of the temp-path and other paths.
  • [x] wäre schön, wenn er sich auch die letzte fw, die man geflashed hat merken würde so nimmt er immer den ersten eintrag in der liste
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