KKMulticopter Flashtool

2019/01/06 12:45

Manual & Tutorials

The official manual
Very good tutorial on how to install the hole toolchain on Windows 8 by a user of the flite test.
There is a very good tutorial on how to update the HK kk-board from dadde (rcexplorer.se).
A very good manual in Spanish is available here.
Polish tutorial how to flash i86 with OpenAero.

Nice how-to flash brushless ESC

Basic usage video tutorial

from flitetest for Win7 and one old tutorial from myself for Mac

Tutorial on how to use the tool on Mac and Windows including how to install USBasp driver on Windows (I think it is Windows 7, Win8 is different in installing drivers). And shows how to update a KK2.1

WindowsXP (thanks to lcdynamic for the Windows tutorial)

Updateing KK2.0

by rcjose

by HobbyKing

BL-ESC flashing

Offline usage video tutorial

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