Woody 8

I needed a new fun and indoor copter, I still had a Warthox frame with short arms but I like to have something „different“. By accident I stumbled on facebook over the Ecks Frames.

Frame Multiplex Birch 9mm
Flight Controller KK 2.1(.5)
Motor Sunnysky X2208 1100kV oder Keda 20-50s
ESC DYS Mini BLHeli 16A
Receiver FrSky D4R-II
Lipo 3S1300mAh
Propeller Gemfan 8038
Motor↔Motor distance ca. 32cm
weight ca. 526g
Download DXF under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

Thanks to my own CNC router, the frame is milled in 35min. Only the edges have to be sanded a bit.

After mounting the Motors with two screws M3x12, already the fight controller could take his place. Next the ESC were flashed with the SimonK firmware and soldered to the motors. Therefore I removed the cables form the ESC and directly soldered the one's from the motor after adapting their length. The battery cables from two alternate ESC were removed and the cable from the remaining battery cables are soldered to the opposite ESC. The isolation of the crossing cables is scratched and soldered together with cables that go to the battery and a thin wire on the plus pole for voltage sensing. To isolate everything again I put a healthy blob of Plasti Dip on the junctions.

I use a KK2.0 from the „old“ days with RC911's 1.6++ firmware. I connected the voltage probe cable to probe pin of the KK board and mounted it with short nylon hex stand-off and nylon screws on the frame. Connecting ESC and a receiver with PPM to the aileron input of the board.

Due to all cables are on the top side of the frame, in the case of a serious crash I can swap the hole electronic to a new frame in less than 30 minutes.

The Copter is flying out of the box with default values very good. After changing the stick scaling it was as agile as I like it. Yaw is set especially high, so you can fly nice turns. After calibrating ACC and reducing the values for the leveling I also tested the mid-leveling function of 1.6++. It fades out the level mode depending on the stick position like the Horizon mode in CleanFlight.

With the motor I use it is not a racer, but a precise flying cruizer that is flying like on rails.

Thanks to the photographer who has taken this images during a meeting in Luxembourg 2014.

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