Managing and Viewing DICOM Images with ImageJ


ImageJ is capable to read DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) images, the standard format in medical imaging. But this is not enough: to receive, to send, to compress, to decode, to compare or to search you need dedicated plugins.
This presentation will review the ImageJ features related to DICOM and present the different existing ImageJ plugins that help to get your your problem solved with ImageJ. The demonstration will include information on how to perform the most important tasks with which commands and plugins. The weaknesses and limitations of ImageJ are as well discussed.

A small demonstration of the Tudor DICOM Tools, a collection of DICOM Plugins for ImageJ are performed including a presentation of the included DICOM Viewer.


Johannes Hermen¹, Christian Moll¹, Andreas Jahnen¹


Public Research Centre Henri Tudor - CR SANTEC¹



ImageJ, DICOM, Medical image processing


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